Pay Attention

So I went to Ethan’s parent teacher conference.  Everything was peachy.  They said he was very bright and go along with the other kids.

But she did have one concern.  Ethan has trouble focusing.  He  seems to get on tangents and draw bizzare conclusions.  When asked to do tasks, he often does his own thing and has to be told several times before he complies.  The whole time I am thinking….hmmm….doesn’t stay on task…draw bizzare conclusions…doesn’t listen…oh crap…he is turning into me!

Poor Jenn she is outnumbered.

By Ben Posted in Life

3 comments on “Pay Attention

  1. Dear Lord, another Ben. This is exactly why we adopted, genetics is a powerful force.
    Perhaps this is another sign from God. Ask Jenn was heinous sin she is hiding from you.

  2. “….doesn’t stay on task…draw bizzare conclusions…doesn’t listen…” these are bad things?? That is pretty much how I went through Bible College, was that wrong?

  3. Plus ca change, you know…

    People say Daniel’s thoughts are off the beaten track too.

    Daniel was actually a little concerned, I think, that he qualified for GATE (even after told him it was for the smart kids). Maybe he’s *met* smart kids and knows what dorks they can be…



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