Shut Up Ben

I was up a lot of the night last night.  Ethan ate some Halloween candy that had egg in it (Sweet Tart Shockers).  He of course had an allergic reaction and vomitted most of the night.  I felt aweful because I did not read the label carefully enough.

He woke up fresh as a daisey but I am really slogging through the day.  I snapped at a coworker this morning and it has only gone downhill from there.  I hate it when I loose my temper, especially at work.  I feel like I am the spokesman for all Christianity.  When I screw up, I just feed the stereotype that all Christians are hippocrytes.  I did apologize, but the damage is done.

We have a new ship date for PowerFAIDS II.  It is November 14th.  I have another week-and-a-half of this.  Once this baby ships, I am going to sleep for a month.

Enough of my whinning.  Time for Ben to shut up.

By Ben Posted in Life

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