Ethan’s Latest Midnight Mutterings

About 1:00 last night, we hear a shout from the other room.  It is not a dog costume.  There is no tail.

Then silence for the rest of the night.

By Ben Posted in Life

7 comments on “Ethan’s Latest Midnight Mutterings

  1. It’s BHCSD. Very sad. Common among children this time of year. Especially those with a, well, normalcy challenged parent.
    I think we should start a marathon with some celebrity.
    Who would best represent “Bad halloween costume stress disorder?” Cher? J.Lo? That chick that wore the swan suit to some awards ceremony (what was her name?) Vote now

  2. That chick was Bjork (pronounced “bjork”). And she gets my vote.

    Craig went to a Halloween party as lint, once. That’s on the shortlist as well.


  3. You should seen the Hare Krishna costumes Ben and I sported in college. Ben was it your skinhead wig that ripped in back?

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