Boogie Check

So my brain is basically fried.  I live, eat, sleep, poop PowerFAIDS.  We are trying to get a major rewrite out the door.  At times it is not pretty.  To make matters worse, I have been given two more major projects to manage.  Plus they gave me a BlackBerry so now I am wired 24/7.  I can be emailed in the can.  Isn\’t technology lovely.

I am Borg.  My designation is one of many.

You can smack me at any time.  You probably thought I would write something interesting.  You are probably still reading this in the hopes that there will be some funny nugget.  Nope not yet.  Get back to work you slackers.

By Ben Posted in Life

6 comments on “Boogie Check

  1. I never slack, I merely pursue alternate modes of accomplishment interlaced with the occasional hiatus.
    Slacking’s bad?

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