Escape from New York

Well after 12 years at the College Board, my luck finally ran out.  I had to go to headquarters in New York.  I have been avoiding the island of Manhattan my entire career, mostly because I have pictured New York as a kind of Hell on Earth.

This is not to say I am afraid of cities.  I have been to most of the lower 48 states and there are some cities I love (Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco).  But I have never wanted to visit New York.

Early on in my career, I had to conduct a training in Newark, NJ.  That, my friends, is a true Hell hole.  I guess I imaged NY to be a larger version of that.

To my surprise, it was not too bad.  Most of the city that I saw by cab was quite nice.  The couple of dicey neighborhoods were no worse than any other city I have seen.

I was all ready give NY the benefit of the doubt; but then I had to go home.  I was heading back to the airport, hailed my first cab and then wham!  There was a fire on the 59th street Bridge.  Manhattan was instantaneously constipated.  I was in the cab for almost 3 hours.  I missed my flight and had to wait an additional 3 hours for the next flight.  My original analysis turned out to be right.


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3 comments on “Escape from New York

  1. You’ve gotta wonder out the sanity of putting 1.5 million people in a 23 square mile area. (Let alone 8 million in the 300 sq miles of New York city itself).
    There’s a reason why all those disaster movies wipe out New York city.

  2. Imagine the congestion of Calcutta. I think large monsters choose New York over Calcutta because the buildings make a fun crunchy sound when you step on them, so the tradeoff in dense population is worth it.

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