Sleep happens

Well we had to pay the piper on Monday night.  After our little romp in the country, Ethan had four asthma attacks during the night.  That coupled with the constant coughing usually means no sleep.  But actually I got around 6 hours sleep.  How?  My wife loves me.


Work is kind of crazy right now.  We are in the final throws of birthing an entirely new system.  I am working roughly 12 to 14 hours every day + weekends (not complaining, just facts).  I was willing to stay up with Ethan because that is just what you do.  But Jenn sent me to the guest room.  So although I could still hear them occasionally, I got some sleep.


Jenn and I recently celebrated our tenth anniversary.  A lot of our friends celebrated this milestone with big trips, jewelry, and other large ticket purchases.  While all of that stuff is nice, nothing convinces me that I am the luckiest man on the planet more than the little kindnesses that remind me she still loves me.

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4 comments on “Sleep happens

  1. Ben, sorry to hear about Ethan, I will pray for you guys.

    Congrats on number 10 for you and Jenn! That is great! Kim and I will have our 13th next month. Like you when I look at her and realize she is with me, well then I feel like I am the luckiest guy around (heck, she followed me to California City and then to Arkansas). It sounds to me like we both “married up.”

  2. Congrats on 10! This year was 10 for me too. Sorry about the asthma attacks. My son gets that way too, but his pulmonologist gave us a regimen that has kept us out of the ER for a while (Flovent, Albuterol, Humidity and liquid Steriods as an emergency measure)

  3. 10 years. We are so old.
    My nephew has bad asthma, he told me that it reminds him to thank God for every breath every day.

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