Never Take a day off

Today is a general rant.   I took off Thursday and Friday because Jenn was out of town.  I took care of Ethan. 

I got back in the office to find 200+ emails in my inbox.  They my boss wants to know why I didn’t respond to her email.  Ugh…

I may have to go to New York next week.  I have successfully avoided NY thus far in my career, but after 12 years (today) my luck may have run out.

I have been “promoted” (more projects, no raise).  I would be pissy, but I have a steady stream of income so I guess I cannot complain.

Oh, and Sheng did not wash his hands after “dropping of the kids at the pool.”  Disgusting!  I use his real name because if by some miracle he reads this, I want him to know what a pig I think he is.

OK, I feel better.  Good luck and good bowling.

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4 comments on “Never Take a day off

  1. Happy 12th. There’s a FinAid Director position open at Bethany. You won’t ever travel to NY if you work for us!


  2. Dropping off the kids at the pool?

    Perhaps a subscription to the Internation Safety and Hygiene newsletter is in order?

    Maybe it’s his way of ensuring that his co-workers never use his keyboard.

  3. “Adding a track to the new John Tesh album.”

    “Calling to order the House Judiciary Committee.”

    –and finally–

    “Dropping off baggage at the Southwest terminal.”


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