A working definition of Karma

I have this friend David who got tickets to see the Dalai Lama at his Alma mater, Rice.  He flew out last week and while he was in the air, unbenonced to him, they had just called for the evacuation of Houston.  He got off the plan and hired a shuttle to take him to his hotel.  When he inquired about how to return, they told him he might be out of luck.


Once he got to his hotel, he found out that Rice had been evacuated and the Dalai Lama event was canceled.  David has friends in Houston so he called one of them up and helped them board up their house before evacuating.  


He managed to get a cab that took back roads all the way to the airport.  When he arrived at the airport, he was greeted with mayhem.  Everyone with tickets for the weekend was trying to get out of town and the airport was a madhouse.


In the middle of this chaos, David saw two Buddhist monks clutching their passports and looking bewildered.  David was in a hurry to get out of town, but he decided to help them out.  He approached the two and asked them if they spoke English.  They did not.  He spoke to them in French and their faces brightened.  David took charge of the situation and guided the monks through ticketing and security.  


When they got to the concourse, he pointed them in the right direction and wished them well.  He got in another line to fly standby.


After a while the two monks showed up again.  David chastised them loudly in French and told them they were going to miss their plane.  They grabbed him and insisted that he follow them.  They walked down a corridor and there, sitting in his orange and saffron robes, was Dick Cheney.  Just kidding it was none other than the Dalai Lama.


David was dumbfounded.  The Dalai Lama thanked him and told him, “That which you came seeking is already within you.”


That, my friends, is Karma. 


No, I am not converting to Buddhism.  Karma just has a different definition in Christianity.  You reap what you sow.  Thanks to David for renewing my trust in the goodness of humanity.

By Ben Posted in Life

3 comments on “A working definition of Karma

  1. Very cool. Good thing Tibetan Buddhists (and David) are multilingual. When you say Rice, you mean your *friend* went to Rice–not the Dalai Lama, right?

  2. Very, very cool. Although I almost cussed right out loud when I thought you were saying that Dick Cheney was in monk’s robes! Karma; reaping what you sow; what goes around, comes around; the Greeks’ Wheel of Fortune (*not* Vanna White’s Wheel of Fortune); the African tribes’Circle of Life… it’s all a common theme for the same idea. I’m glad your friend had a good trip in spite of Rita 🙂


    Just kidding. I’m glad he didn’t meet Dick Cheney, I sure that would have been worse than being trapped in the Houston airport by a hurricane.

    But does he attain total enlightenment on his death bed?

    (Or is that the definition of salvation? 😉

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