The luckiest

My day began at about 6:30 this morning when Ethan decided to join Jenn and me in bed.  I managed to sneak in an extra half hour of dozing by allowing him to watch Neighborhood Animals in our bed.  I lazily watched Jenn as she ironed her clothes for they day.  By 7:00 the timer on the coffee maker had triggered and warm bitter smells were starting to waft into the room.

 I got Ethan his breakfast while I sat on the couch, took in my coffee and watched our many bird feeders.  The yellow finches must be migrating through our area because the thistle socks were covered with 13 birds.  Two morning doves were feasting on the scraps below.  The pair had two chicks earlier in the summer, but they are long gone. 

 Jenn kissed Ethan and me.  She was off to a Chorister’s Guild workshop.  Just for just this morning, I addressed her by her proper title, Madam Vice President. 

 Ethan let me down 3 cups of coffee before he started jumping on me.  We wrestled for a while until I managed to get an “Uncle” out of him.  We decided to play games before getting ready for the day.  We played two games of Sequence and one game of Chutes and Ladders.  Of course he won them all.  😉

 Next on the agenda:  super-sevens.  Really it’s Ethan’s nebulizer treatment for asthma.  We watch Baby Van Gough while he inhaled two vials of medicine.  We managed to throw on clothes and go outside. 

 Ethan rode his tricycle while I changed the oil.  Halfway through the operation, Ethan decided to help.  He was a great helper.  While I was cleaning up, my neighbor Pastor John came over.  He doted on Ethan while he waited for his wife and son to come out.  They were going to Pennsylvania, for the day to celebrate his father’s birthday.  Ethan chased their cat Dusty with a stick.

 It has been pretty dry out here and my lawn was covered with dead leaves and little crab apples, so Ethan and I decided to rake the leaves.  I forgot the pure joy that comes from jumping in a pile of leaves.  We had several leaf fights until a truce was called.

 We decided it was time to fill the bird feeders.  The birds were pretty put out that we encroached on their territory, but they came back shortly after we finished. 

 We went inside and washed up, ate popcorn for snack, and chatted about the latest happenings in Mrs. Dettar’s Pre-K class.  I of course had to sing, “forgive us our debts as we forgive Mrs. Dettar,” in my loudest smaltziest voice.  Ethan rolled his eyes.

 Then it was computer time.  We went to Playhouse Disney and Nick Jr. online.  Ethan was briefly disheartened when he realized that Book of Pooh had been given the ax.  But he got over it. 

 We decided to go to McDonalds for lunch.  Ethan was delighted that he got the pretty unicorn princess toy.  I chagrined and tried to be evolved enough not to make him exchange it for the Hot Wheels toy.  Somehow I managed. 

 By the time we got home it was nearly 1:30, so Ethan and I decided to get the “procedure” over with.  I call it the “procedure” for the blog, but we really just call it by name at home, the enema.  Because of Ethan’s various medical conditions, he is unable to do-the-two.  So we every night we have to “procedure” so that he can function in society.  At times it reminds me of a Jr. High joke about a pig, a monkey, and a cork.  But I will not go there.  You probably wonder why I would include this detail, but it is not weird around our house.  In fact some days he looks forward to it and we are grateful that there is a solution to this menacing problem.  He has to sit on the can for 45 minutes, so we read books, listen to CDs, and play flash cards.

 Afterwards I gave Ethan a bath.  I had to drag him out of the tub.  The kid is part fish. 

 When we got done, it was 3:30.  We went downstairs and played trains until mom got home at 4:00.  Jenn told me about her day.  It went really well.

 We ate Chinese for dinner.  Helped Ethan with his chores and then Jenn and I sat “scissors” on the couch while we solved Sudoku puzzles and Ethan played with his Hundred Acre Woods play set.

 Jenn is giving Ethan evening super-sevens and I am writing this blog, while listening to Randy Newman sing, “I think it is going to rain.”  After Ethan goes to bed, Jenn and I are going to watch CSI and Battlestar Galactica. 

 I doubt I could have had a more perfect day. 

 God is good all the time.  All the time God is good.

By Ben Posted in Life

4 comments on “The luckiest

  1. Loved reading this, Ben. Laughed. Of course, my laugh sounded funny in my ears, as there’s a full-fledged head cold raging in the cranium. But ha ha anyway.

    Sounds like the Waltons.

    From Kirkland,

  2. Don’t worry ’bout the girlie toy; when Alex was 3 he INSISTED that he must be a fairy princess for Halloween, and NOT Buzz Lightyear. He was the most darling fairy princess I’ve ever known, and for 6 months or so afterwards, we laughed everytime he asked to wear the “princess shoes” that we bought for him. He’s grown out of it now, though… except that yesterday he asked me to paint my fingernails pink with stars, and I’m afraid he’s living vicariously through my nails, but… anyway… I’m sure that Ethan will grow up to be an evolved young man. And if not, he’ll be just like his dad. 🙂

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