Toss Some Cookies to the Ones You Love

During one of our “shooting the bull” lunches, one of my coworkers ask me when I knew that my wife was “the one.”  I thought this was an easy answer.  I had always thought it was the moment I laid eyes on her in Taco Bell.  I have friends who can corroborate this story.  But on further reflection, I realize I was wrong.  Taco Bell was the moment that I thought it was a lock, I did not know for sure that she loved me until later.  When was that golden moment?  It was when she took me to the ER for uncontrolled vomiting.  When she stuck with me through that, I knew that she loved me.

So am I saying that the secret to happiness is vomiting?  Yes, yes I am.  Looking back, all of my closest relationships (friends and family) have one thing in common.  Vomit.  Childhood, the teen years, early twenties, and even in my late thirties, the one thing that I can guarantee will bring people together is vomiting.

If someone will stick with you at your worst (this also includes explosive diarrhea), then you can be assured that they are a true friend.

To all of you that I have vomited on or you have vomited on me, I thank you.  For those of you who have not been around me while I was hurling, just remember that flu season is coming up.

By Ben Posted in Life

5 comments on “Toss Some Cookies to the Ones You Love

  1. Funny, seems to run in the family. Remember that family newletter we found in the basement when we were cleaning out to put your room down there. The one mention of you was “Ben had a bad bout with diarrhea this year”.
    Apparently that was what your mom remembered most fondly about the year.
    What more can I say?

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