So I have figured out how to make a fortune. I read a statistic today that only 5% of the US population flosses regularly. I generally do not lie, but I this subject I am completely unreliable. Every six months, the dental hygienist asks me if I floss. Every 6 months I reply, “Oh about once a week.”

I am going to come clean. I never floss. Never! It never even crosses my mind except the day of a dental appointment. And yet I faithfully report that I do it once a week. I think I would rather discuss my sex life than my flossing routine.

Maybe I am alone in my floss avoidance, but I doubt it. So this is where I could make a fortune. Clearly the current flossing technology has not been embraced by the public. If I could figure out a better way to prevent gum disease, I would be a very rich man. Only problem is I have no idea how to accomplish this. Like so many things in life, I understand the problem but I have no clue what the solution is. It is the curse of knowledge of good and evil.

By Ben Posted in Life

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