Entry for September 14, 2005

So I had one of those major role reversals last night.  I attended my first back-to-school night for my son.  It was almost surreal.  Prior to our departure, he was counting down the minutes.  He was sorely disappointed when we had a half hour PTA meeting prior to meeting his teacher.  (Frankly I could have passed on the PTA too) 

Then at 7:30 at long last, we met the teacher!  I have never seen my so proud of himself.  Of course he is brilliant, but so are all the other kids.  Image It was just so odd.  I can vividly remember the same circumstance some 30-odd years ago, only I was on the other side of the table.

I swear time accelerates as I get older.  At this rate, I will be writing about my funeral in no time…oh wait…never mind.

By Ben Posted in Life

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